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Digital edition 21 May

WHEN the Salvos come door knocking for donations think about how, in Canberra, they helped Nigel MacDonald – from troubled teen to Salvation Army captain.
KATHRYN VUKOVLJAK tells Nigel’s hair-raising story of stealing, drugs, booze and homelessness on Page 5. The Red Shield Appeal runs over the weekend of May 30-31.

Digital edition 7 May

LIKE an oasis in a desert of publishing dross, week’s edition positively bristles with powerful, incisive and relevant writing from some of the best-informed commentators in town – MICHAEL MOORE, JON STANHOPE, ROBERT MACKLIN, TIM GAVEL, MARCUS PAUL and JOHN GRIFFITHS among them. Enjoy.

Digital edition 12 February

THIS week in Canberra: “City Walk is a place of empty shopfronts and faded ‘for lease’ signs. No one would choose to spend more time there than absolutely necessary,” writes CATHERINE CARTER. And MARK PARTON says municipal mowing is failing and “because the weeds are being left so much longer they’re going to seed and spreading. It literally is a jungle out there. West Belconnen is particularly bad.”

Digital edition 22 January

ONLY the long weekend separates us from the real start to the working year and, in this week’s paper, local yoga teacher Bernie Morris tells KATHRYN VUKOVLJAK why she wants to teach Canberra to be happy. Elsewhere, DON AITKIN defends light rail, ROBERT MACKLIN tracks the pollies as they bumble into the New Year, JOHN GRIFFITHS gets his ears into big headphones and CEDRIC BRYANT rejoices at Canberra’s distinctive seasons in the garden.

Digital edition 8 January

FOR a “silly season” paper, this one scrubs up really well with an entertaining mix of news, bright columns, a giant crossword and the coming year’s horoscope (I’m Gemini, there’s a demanding six months ahead, but after that…).
ROBERT MACKLIN writes a wistful column; JOHN GRIFFITHS, a strident one and Mum in the City, SONYA FLADUN, a piece of great resolution.
Our tireless, green-fingered guru CEDRIC BRYANT says this isn’t the time to slacken off in the garden and arts editor HELEN MUSA looks at what’s buzzing around the town.
Like I said, entertaining.
Ian Meikle – editor

Digital edition 18 December

“A very merry Christmas
And a happy New Year
Let’s hope it’s a good one
Without any fear.”

The full lyrics of John Lennon’s “Merry Christmas (War is Over)” were never more relevant to the world we find outselves in. Best wishes from all at “CityNews”, we look forward to serving our city again next year.
Ian Meikle, editor