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Digital edition 22 January

ONLY the long weekend separates us from the real start to the working year and, in this week’s paper, local yoga teacher Bernie Morris tells KATHRYN VUKOVLJAK why she wants to teach Canberra to be happy. Elsewhere, DON AITKIN defends light rail, ROBERT MACKLIN tracks the pollies as they bumble into the New Year, JOHN GRIFFITHS gets his ears into big headphones and CEDRIC BRYANT rejoices at Canberra’s distinctive seasons in the garden.

Digital edition 8 January

FOR a “silly season” paper, this one scrubs up really well with an entertaining mix of news, bright columns, a giant crossword and the coming year’s horoscope (I’m Gemini, there’s a demanding six months ahead, but after that…).
ROBERT MACKLIN writes a wistful column; JOHN GRIFFITHS, a strident one and Mum in the City, SONYA FLADUN, a piece of great resolution.
Our tireless, green-fingered guru CEDRIC BRYANT says this isn’t the time to slacken off in the garden and arts editor HELEN MUSA looks at what’s buzzing around the town.
Like I said, entertaining.
Ian Meikle – editor

Digital edition 18 December

“A very merry Christmas
And a happy New Year
Let’s hope it’s a good one
Without any fear.”

The full lyrics of John Lennon’s “Merry Christmas (War is Over)” were never more relevant to the world we find outselves in. Best wishes from all at “CityNews”, we look forward to serving our city again next year.
Ian Meikle, editor

Digital edition 4 December

AND some things, alas, never change: public hospitals are crook (ROBERT MACKLIN); politicians’ snouts head for the trough (MICHAEL MOORE) and neighbourhood noise complaints are getting louder (CATHERINE CARTER). But there’s lots to like and much to enjoy in this week’s edition.

Digital edition 20 November

DINING critic WENDY JOHNSON reckons she’s eaten about 550 meals in the line of duty over the past 10 years, which makes her pretty special to “CityNews”.
To salute her contribution as our longest-serving columnist (and one of Canberra’s most experienced food writers), we popped her on the cover on the promise she’d tell us what she really thinks. She does, too!

Digital edition 23 October

GARDENING scribe Cedric Bryant was in the office bemoaning the state of library books to which he has turned to satisfy his insatiable appetite for reading biographies. He showed us the irritating habit of previous borrowers scribbling in the margins of books with corrections and annotations, saying it’s been the same with every one he’s borrowed. There’s more in Canberra Confidential.

Digital edition 16 October

GROSS. Not the “vampire” on the front cover (the brilliant work of local make-up artists). It’s Mum in the City SONYA FLADUN’S experience at a public swimming pool recently as floundering staff failed to scoop vomit from the crowded pool and, worse still, failed to follow the government’s health guidelines and clear the pool.

Digital edition 9 October

AT “CityNews” we see heart-warming examples of community spirit all the time, though rarely have we seen such a high level of support and endeavour for the Curtin at 50’s Party at the Shops on October 17. The fondness for the suburb and its sense of community runs through every interview in our nine-page feature this week. Is this the happiest suburb in Canberra? We reckon it would be hard to beat.

Digital edition 25 September

URSULA Reid is opening her Queanbeyan garden this weekend for charity and in memory of husband Keith, who died in October last year. She told KATHRYN VUKOVLJAK the open garden project “has given me a focus and a way to keep his memory alive”. GARY SHAFER took the lovely photos and all is revealed on Page 34.

Digital edition 4 September

CANBERRA living treasure Larry Sitsky is about to turn 80. The internationally acclaimed composer is non-plussed, asserting good health and dismissing the fuss saying: “It’s just a number”.
In a fond birthday profile, arts editor HELEN MUSA says despite his age, Sitsky still enjoys getting up people’s noses.

Digital edition 28 August

THERE are few better ways of celebrating the change of season than in the garden. And, as spring begins, KATHRYN VUKOVLJAK discovers no one has more gardens on her mind than our cover subject Bronwyn Blake, the local liaison officer for Open Gardens Australia.
Meanwhile, our gardening guru CEDRIC BRYANT shares some startling new thoughts about growing roses.