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Digital edition February 27

IT’S estimated the number of different species of insect living in Australia is up around 200,000 and scientists have name for only about 25 to 30 per cent. Reporter STEPHEN EASTON visits the CSIRO’s Australian National Insect Collection to discover more about these creepy, crawly strangers in our midst.

Digital Edition January 30

HOSTILITIES over the turf war to return the famous grass to Kingston’s Green Square have ended, with local traders succeeding in ridding the area of the unfriendly drought-proof plantings. Spokesman Pawl Cubbin tells LAURA EDWARDS that it was a worthwhile struggle because it made the Government sit up and listen to the community.

Digital Edition Nov 21

PHOTOGRAPHER ANDREW CAMPBELL rarely fails to surprise and his cover photo this week challenges the viewer’s sense of perspective. We’ve looked at it horizontally and it worked okay (his wife agrees), but he shot it vertically and, in deference to his artistry, that’s how we’ve published it.

Digital Edition, October 31

A GREAT week for busy reporters… STEPHEN EASTON says year 10 student Josh Goyne will ride his bike to Sydney to raise funds for stroke victims, inspired by his sick grandfather; LAURA EDWARDS discovers a growing support for the American football code gridiron; KATHRYN VUKOVLJAK visits a meditative garden in Griffith and arts editor HELEN MUSA previews the upcoming Canberra film festival.

Digital Edition, October 24

THE grass is coming back to Green Square. After being chased by reporter LAURA EDWARDS for a response to an August letter from the Kingston traders unhappy about the square’s reviled drought-proof plants, the Chief Minister’s office told us on Monday they’d – ahem – “mislaid” the letter. By the time we published the story, this morning they have magically conceded to the return of the lawn. The Liberals are in lather of self-congratulation, but it was “CityNews” that was making the noise, Steve Doszpot.