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Digital Edition, December 22

WITH the summer holidays in full swing, we’ve put together an edition for those who like to do stuff and those who don’t. Fun seekers should check out our list of most everything that opens and shuts in Canberra this summer, including previews of new movie releases, the promise of summer art classes and city skating. For the less motivated, we’ve got the New Year’s horoscope (a baby warning for Cancerians!), summer swim fashion to peruse and a Mum in the City column to enjoy. The jumbo crossword in digital may, alas, be a bridge too far!

Digital Edition, December 15

IT’S almost Christmas and what better time, argues NICK (“bah, humbug”) JENSEN, to unravel the lie that is Santa Claus! Also this week, DON AITKIN wonders if spending rather than saving at Christmas is in the national interest, garden writer CEDRIC BRYANT gets in the festive spirit, HELEN MUSA showcases all manner of Christmas arts and FREYLA FERGUSON discovers that once the shopping stops there’s a rush to recycle. Our Christmas-stocking edition is just a ho-ho-ho away.

Digital Edition, December 8

OUR sports columnist TIM GAVEL is a distinguished broadcaster and, while the skill to call a football match remains unfathomable, he shares with us this week an insight into the pressures he faces to make frenetic play sound sensible. Until recently, he also had a secret weapon in knowing that Maureen Larkham was listening. But not any more, as Tim laments on Page 4…

Digital Edition, November 24

WE never weary of being amazed at the things people do – and this week’s “CityNews” showcases a wonderful range of amazing locals. There’s the city’s town crier Alan Moyse; the teachers from Lanyon High who got degrees from Illinois University; Angus Houston, who is the ACT Australian of the Year; cousins Dejan and Darko Andrevski, who have invented a “gift ball” and the tireless Joyce Goodman, who has been honored by Burgmann College at the ANU. Stories of success and more, just a click away…