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FRANK BURES sometimes felt he was losing his mind. He was drowning in the sea of data that swamped his computer every day. A year ago, he put his finger into the dyke and resolved to spend each Monday offline. Mad or masterful? It certainly changed his life and you might be a click away […]

What’s worth reading this week? Everything, that’s what! It’s a busy paper led by political pundit MICHAEL MOORE’s first call of next year’s ACT election; DON AITKIN says however low we think the current Federal political debate may be, its not plumbing the depths of the past; TIM GAVEL looks at the cost of kids […]

ALWAYS available and never judgmental, youth outreach worker and former real estate agent Peter Schwarz tirelessly helps vulnerable and at-risk young people by offering guidance, practical support or a shoulder to cry on. In this week’s paper, this remarkable man tells KATHRYN VUKOVLJAK that he’ll “help anyone who needs support”. And if his story doesn’t […]

MOVIE reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD is half a star short of ecstasy in this week’s cinema column, garden guru CEDRIC BRYANT is talking vegetables at Floriade and there are five pages of social photos to have a sticky beak at – and that’s before we get to the fine writing of MICHAEL MOORE, TIM GAVEL and […]