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IT’S Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and MEGAN HAGGAN reports the good news that men are finally willing to talk about the disease and its treatment. Elsewhere in this week’s edition, MICHAEL MOORE wonders how we lost our compassion for refugees, SONYA FLADUN finds herself explaining God for the first time to her eight-year-old and the […]

THE things we do for love… arts identity Frank Madrid is limping around the town having just donated a last-chance tendon to his beloved nephew, a budding soccer star; Terry Snow loaned his helicopter for a Flying Doctor rescue in Broken Hill and our cartoonist Paul Dorin is in his 16th year of using his […]

OUR “Mum in the City” columnist SONYA FLADUN was one of the record number of Canberrans seriously affected by influenza this winter. Her horrific tale of misery – from a snuffle to a hospital bed – is an abject lesson in what can happen if you don’t bother with a flu injection. Elsewhere, there is […]

NOW there’s a smile. On the front cover this week snapper SILAS BROWN has caught cancer survivor Ross Green’s lust for life and, inside, he tells reporter KATHRYN VUKOVLJAK: “Before the cancer you wouldn’t have even got me on a rollercoaster, but now I’m thinking about jumping out of a plane. Why bother being scared […]

SHOULD a woman change her name when she marries? It’s caused a lot of discussion around our office this week around the wed, the newly wed and the about-to-be wed. So we invited an “I do” supporter and an “I don’t” proponent to put their very differing positions. It makes fascinating reading. So do the […]