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What to do and when to do it around Canberra’s gardens and homes

Fireweed menace spreads to Coombs

CANBERRANS are again being urged to report infestations of the pest plant Madagascan Fireweed (Senecio madagascariensis) after it was discovered in Coombs. “Fireweed was discovered on Monday at several locations around a pond in Coombs,” Stephen Hughes, Biosecurity Manager, Territory and Municipal Services said. “Unlike the Fireweed infestations found last week on public and private […]

A major review of renting and public housing in Canberra

SIMON Corbell has announced a review into the Residential Tenancy Act to ensure the Act operates effectively and fairly. “This is an important review that will ensure we have an appropriate balance between the rights of tenants and landlords,” Mr Corbell said. “It gives everyone an opportunity to have their say about whether the law […]

Canberra real estate volatile and down for the year

AUSTRALIAN Property Monitors’ Quarterly Housing Report has mixed news for Canberra’s real estate sector: Canberra’s recent pattern of volatile house price activity continued during the June quarter. Despite an increase of +2.2% during the June quarter, it is the only city to record a fall in house prices over the 2014 financial year. They note […]

Madagascan Fireweed

Beware the Madagascan Fireweed!

CANBERRA’S Biosecurity Manager Stephen Hughes is asking us all to keep our eyes peeled for the Madagascan Fireweed (Senecio madagascariensis) which has been detected in Forde, Franklin, Chisholm, Casey, Lyneham and Crace. “Infestations of Madagascan Fireweed have been detected in recently laid couch turf in nature strips and other public and private land in the […]


Could your house be sold without your knowledge? Simon Corbell has put out a warning!

SIMON Corbell is warning real estate agents to be on high alert for property scams after the arrest this week of three people by South African Police in connection with the attempted fraudulent sale of a home in Western Australia. “A property scam can result in a home being sold without the lawful owner’s knowledge […]


Kimchi workshop!

THE Canberra Environment Centre is holding a kimchi cooking class on Saturday July 19 from 10am – 1.30pm. Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish made of fermented vegetables and spices and is full of the healthy bacteria that is produced when we ferment foods. Koreans eat so much of this super-spicy condiment (18 kilograms of […]

Compulsory asbestos training from Labor while the Liberals want a bung for affected home owners

SIMON Corbell has declared that all workers who might be exposed to asbestos must undertake a mandatory course in asbestos awareness by 30 September. A new regulation will require employers and principal contractors to ensure their workers undertake the training by 30 September. The course will include a specific session on loose-fill asbestos insulation. Asbestos […]