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Fireweed menace spreads to Coombs

CANBERRANS are again being urged to report infestations of the pest plant Madagascan Fireweed (Senecio madagascariensis) after it was discovered in Coombs. “Fireweed was discovered on Monday at several locations around a pond in Coombs,” Stephen Hughes, Biosecurity Manager, Territory and Municipal Services said. “Unlike the Fireweed infestations found last week on public and private […]

Madagascan Fireweed

Beware the Madagascan Fireweed!

CANBERRA’S Biosecurity Manager Stephen Hughes is asking us all to keep our eyes peeled for the Madagascan Fireweed (Senecio madagascariensis) which has been detected in Forde, Franklin, Chisholm, Casey, Lyneham and Crace. “Infestations of Madagascan Fireweed have been detected in recently laid couch turf in nature strips and other public and private land in the […]

From Russia, with leaves

IN 1618 the English gardener, naturalist and collector John Tradescant set out for the Nikolo-Korelsky Monastery in Arctic Russia to collect rare plants not known in the western world. Then on to the Levant and Algeria, finally returning, via the Low Countries, to England with a remarkable collection of plants. Tradescant was the first official […]

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No further dog kennels and landscape supplies in Pialligo

SIMON Corbell has announced a draft variation to the Territory Plan with a view to maintaining Pialligo’s agricultural heritage. “The key challenge of the Pialligo master plan (approved in 2013) was to protect the agricultural, environmental and historic aspects of the area while encouraging development sympathetic to these features,” Simon said. “Draft variation 321 (DV321), […]