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Canberra Confidential: Trieu believer crosses to the other side

DASHING Canberra-born actor Andy Trieu has scored star billing in Australia’s first “kung fu comedy”, a new ABC TV series to air later this year called “Maximum Choppage”. It will allow Andy, a three-time Australian champion, to show the full range of his martial art skills. He is currently in the top 50 “Cleo” Bachelors […]

Canberra Confidential: Coffee’s ‘sniffy’ side

“SNIFF and slurp”, that’s snapper Gary Schafer’s fond interpretation of Cupping Room manager Jack Scheeren’s approach to encouraging the appreciation of coffee by educating customers through “cupping” – the ritualistic, international method of sampling and analysing the aroma and taste of comparative blends. Here, as Schaf’s lovely picture shows, Jack leads customers Louisa Tang, left, […]