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Canberra Confidential / Timber! They’re logging Northbourne Avenue

LOOKS like the tree felling on the Northbourne Avenue “urban meadow” has begun by stealth. Our Watson snout spotted numerous eucalypts along the proposed tram route – particularly opposite the motor registry – and took photos of the signs attached, all dated May 25. With nary a mention of light rail they gloomily say: “The […]


Canberra Confidential / Cold comfort of the Canadian Arctic

AS winter’s cold breath blows across our city, there couldn’t be a better time for the Canadian High Commission to stage a free exhibition of contemporary photographs of the Canadian Arctic. “Canada’s Arctic: Vibrant and Thriving” is drawn from “Canadian Geographic Magazine” and gives a glimpse into the lives and environment of these distant northerners. […]

Annette Aitkens

Canberra Confidential / Big days for clay

IT’S a “Rust Dragon” and it won Caitlin Dobbs the Canberra Potters’ Society’s 2014 Best Young Person award. The Potters are staging their student/teacher exhibition at the Watson Arts Centre, in Aspinall Street, in an annual celebration of the talents and creativity of the students who attend pottery classes and the teachers who share with […]

Canberra Confidential / Snapper falls for autumn leaves

YOU can take the snapper out of the newsroom, but you can never take the fascination with action photography from the news snapper. And so it is for latter-day commercial lensman Andrew Campbell who, over recent months, has filed all sorts of wonderful photos to “CityNews” and Curiously, his current series have all been […]

Guess who ordered this?

Canberra Confidential / Hold the press, it’s a slouch hat!

  A HEARTBEAT short of the Anzac Day centenary celebrations getting into full swing, CC’s eye was caught by an email dropping into the cesspit that is titled “Urgent ANZAC Article Submission”. Gripped by curiosity and urgency the email was opened to discover only an outrageous misrepresentation of the nation’s mood. Former Canberran turned […]

Canberra Confidential / Fashion with an uppercut

IN possibly a world first, boxing gloves will make their debut on a catwalk when local designer Red Corner launches its new range of boxing accoutrements at Canberra’s awfully fashionable Fashfest on May 15. “It’s not such a stretch when you realise how fashion-forward this Canberra company is with its new selection of anything-but-boring boxing […]

Canberra Confidential / Turning the theatre inside out

CANBERRA Theatre is to be transformed into the round next month when “Le Noir – the Dark Side of Cirque’s” world tour makes it to town. The theatre promises that the transformation will give “audiences an exhilarating 360-degree view of the show”, though CC isn’t sure that’s physically possible. No matter, the audience will find […]

Roland Peelman.

Canberra Confidential / Music to get your teeth into

NEW artistic director of Canberra International Music Festival, Roland Peelman, is opening his first festival with a “Chefs of Canberra” night of fine music and top nosh at the National Arboretum on Thursday, April 30. It’s to be co-hosted by Mildura chef, restaurateur and telly star Stefano di Pieri. The four-course degustation will come from […]

Joe Leach.

Canberra Confidential / Messengers don’t get the message

OH, no! What’s this? An unthinkable tiff between the ACT Government and reporters from the “Canberra Times”? Unhappy reporter Tom McIlroy, sniffily tweeted that it was “strange” the Chief Minister and his deputy “hide press conference on asset sales from ‘Canberra Times’ reporters. What’s got their goat?” Tom’s big call had CM Andrew Barr growling […]