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Canberra Confidential / Shooting cockatoos

SNAPPER Gary Schafer was heading home the other day and couldn’t resist slamming on the brakes, leaping out and shooting this lovely late-afternoon photo of cockatoos enjoying their winter feeding grounds along Canberra Avenue, something that’s a regular winter event, he says. ‘Duck’s’ back for breakfast MEDIA personality Rob Duckworth this week stepped in to the […]

Canberra Confidential / Happy and glorious?

ROYAL Doulton ambassador Michael Doulton will be at DJs Woden on Sunday, July 20. The UK pottery company’s fifth-generation emissary’s national tour is “Celebrating Royalty”, which includes flogging what CC thinks is a funny looking royal baby figure. Limited to only 4000 copies, the 22-centimetre, $299 model depicts the first appearance of Prince William, Catherine […]

Canberra Confidential / Power words to the people

WE loved the innocent spin to Actew-AGL’s thumping price rise announcement last week. Coyly headed: “Changes to ActewAGL’s electricity and gas prices”, the company blusters about how the regulator has saddled them with a 4.3 per cent rise in electricity, then two thirds down the missive is the lumpy news that the unregulated gas price […]

Canberra Confidential

Throwing in the Towell “CANBERRA Times” reporter Noel Towell got an uncomfortable mention in a Federal Estimates hearing last week when Labor Senator Kim Carr questioned Australian Customs CEO Michael Pezzullo. “I have a ‘Sydney Morning Herald’ article here dated 9 May, 2014, ‘Customs told to read newspaper for merger details’,” said Carr. “It purports […]

Canberra Confidential: Snow’s cool for ‘Skool’

BUBBLY pinup Keegan Snow Spence, has won a national competition for the title of 2014 covergirl for “Pinup Skool” magazine, but you saw her first as covergal on the October 17, 2013, of “CityNews”. In an earlier interview she told “CN” that she “lives and breathes” vintage, from her music (Etta James and Shirley Bassey) to […]

Canberra Confidential: Trieu believer crosses to the other side

DASHING Canberra-born actor Andy Trieu has scored star billing in Australia’s first “kung fu comedy”, a new ABC TV series to air later this year called “Maximum Choppage”. It will allow Andy, a three-time Australian champion, to show the full range of his martial art skills. He is currently in the top 50 “Cleo” Bachelors […]

Canberra Confidential: Coffee’s ‘sniffy’ side

“SNIFF and slurp”, that’s snapper Gary Schafer’s fond interpretation of Cupping Room manager Jack Scheeren’s approach to encouraging the appreciation of coffee by educating customers through “cupping” – the ritualistic, international method of sampling and analysing the aroma and taste of comparative blends. Here, as Schaf’s lovely picture shows, Jack leads customers Louisa Tang, left, […]