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stirling drug house

Stirling drug house bust

ACT Policing has seized six cannabis plants following the execution of a warrant on a home in Stirling today (Friday September 19). About 9.10am, police executed a Drugs of Dependence Act (DODA) search warrant on the home and located a hydroponic setup and six cannabis plants worth an estimated $30,000. The plants were seized along […]

Centenary carpet

Just when you thought the centenary was over we get a plant

AT Floriade Shane Rattenbury has launched a special commemorative plant and plant label in celebration of the Yarralumla Nursery’s centenary. “Only a very special plant would be fit to commemorate an occasion such as the Yarralumla Nursery’s 100th birthday and the Myoporum parvifolium (Centenary Carpet) is a great representative,” Shane said. “The Nursery was established […]


Page underpriced, Red Hill overpriced

THE Aussie/RP Data Property Discounting Report reveals that one should never pay list price in Red Hill. Over the year to June 30, 2014, 34.3 percent of houses and 26.3 per cent of apartments in Canberra sold above their list prices, with Page, Weetangera, Gungahlin and O’Connor the top performing suburbs for houses. Meanwhile Melba, […]

Dating websites and blackmail in Canberra

ACT Policing will summons a 22-year-old Fadden man to Court next month on blackmail charges after it was alleged he threatened to disseminate explicit images of a woman unless he received sexual favours. The 18-year-old victim uploaded images of herself to a private online dating site and allowed the alleged offender to view them. After […]


Weekend planet watch

By Tanya Hill, Museum Victoria As another, hopefully sunny, weekend rolls around it’s a great time to get out and spot some planets. Around an hour before sunrise, you can catch Jupiter with the moon. The moon is a thin waning crescent. It is a few days shy of being a new moon, which occurs […]

Grattan on Friday / Plans for local atrocities bring the Middle East conflict close to home

By Michelle Grattan, University of Canberra Thursday’s revelation that an Australian who is senior in Islamic State allegedly told supporters in this country to commit atrocities randomly against people on the street has dramatically highlighted the link between what’s happening in the Middle East and the home front. On the day Tony Abbott and Bill […]

iphone queue

Hundreds queue for the new iPhone

IT may only be an incremental improvement to the phone they already have. It may only be implementing features largely already found in existing Android phones. But that hasn’t stopped hundreds of people queuing for the new iPhone 6 in the Canberra Centre today. On the one hand it’s touching to see such enthusiasm, on […]

Christine Faulks makes her way to the board of the NCA

CHRISTINE Faulks has today been appointed as a part time non-executive member of the Board of the National Capital Authority (NCA). Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development, Jamie Briggs said Ms Faulks will bring a wealth of leadership experience to her new position and is well qualified to represent the interests of the Canberra […]

James March was out on a suspended sentence when he committed a horrendous buglary and rape

THE Supreme Court has published the sentencing of one James March for a late night burglary and prolonged sexual assault. Chief Justice Murrell has sentenced him to 7 years and 9 months’ imprisonment starting from the 10 November 2013. He will be eligible for parole on 9 January 2019. Particularly disturbing is the 27 year […]

Abbott has given his ministers straight ‘A’s – do they deserve it?

By Misty Adoniou, University of Canberra Tony Abbott has given his ministers their report cards for the year. Apparently they are all receiving As and A+s. That might mean they are very, very clever compared to all other ministers who have done the job the past. This is what we call norm-referenced assessment. We start […]

george and charlotte

Dog attack penalties skyrocket

SHANE Rattenbury has announced the passage of legislation that will increase the penalty that can be imposed for dog attacks. “Under previous legislation, the maximum penalties for a dog harassment incident and an attack incident were the same at $7,500 (or 50 penalty units). This means a person whose dog barks at and scares another […]

Simon says the Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme is working well

A review of the Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme has found that the program saves participating households about $1,600 each. Simon Corbell tabled a review of the scheme in the Legislative Assembly that showed greenhouse gas reductions as a result of the program between 1 January 2013 and 31 March 2014 were the equivalent of 237,908 […]

Capital Metro costs blow out by tens of millions more

ALISTAIR Coe has winkled out of the Government that the cost of running the Capital Metro agency isn’t included in the budgeted cost of the project. “The cost of the government’s ill-conceived light rail project seems to be rising by the day. Today in the Legislative Assembly, Simon Corbell admitted already allocated funding isn’t included […]

Architects looking for ways to make compact affordable housing in Canberra

THE Australian Institute of Architects’ ACT Chapter has launched a competition set to shake up housing options for Canberra’s growing population. In collaboration with the Land Development Agency, Environment and Planning Directorate, and Defence Housing Australia (DHA), the Institute has established the New Experimental Architectural Typologies (NEAT) competition to generate ideas for innovative and affordable […]

Yvette Berry steps in for Andrew Barr to accept divestment letter

THIS morning outside the Legislative Assembly representatives of Uniting Church, United Voice, Public Health Association and Conservation Council launched an open letter, signed by over 20 Canberra community organisations calling for the Government to stop investing in fossil fuels like coal and coal seam gas. Treasurer Andrew Barr, to whom the letter was addressed declined […]

Green and Labor force Vicki Dunne to write to her federal colleagues on euthanasia

SHANE Rattenbury is celebrating a vote in the Legislative Assembly forcing the Speaker, the Liberals’ Vicki Dunne, to write to her colleagues on the big hill. “Following successful action from the ACT Greens, the Speaker of the ACT Legislative Assembly will write to the Federal Government calling on it to repeal the ‘Andrews Act’, which […]