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Civic’s trolleys take to tricks

THERE was a rich seam of trolleys to be discovered before lunch walking around the Legislative Assembly (and even the much sought after “double trolley”), but David tweeted at us that the “trees” sculpture on Bunda Street has been the recipient of a particularly talented trolley, or perhaps weekend drunks. Seen something around town? Email […]

Trolleys massing and grouping to the west of the Assembly

OUR weekly circumnavigation of the Legislative Assembly turned up troubling news. A stonking seven trolleys were out within sight of the famed golden pillars of the seat of Canberra’s democracy. They’re disturbingly organised, having grouped themselves to the north and west of Civic Square. [Seen something around town? Take a photo and email it in […]

ISIS help

ANU for all your ISIS needs

The keen eyed Adam Spence spotted this intriguing poster at ANU’s Student Central today. Before anyone calls the national security hotline (1800 1234 00, no need to reach for your fridge magnet) it is worth bearing in mind that ANU has for many years run the Interactive Student Information System (ISIS). It might be time […]

Photo / Last night’s lightning

PHOTOGRAPHER Andrew Campbell took this great picture of last night’s lightning (taken at 1:17am) and sent it in with this note: From the end of ANZAC Parade looking towards Commonwealth Avenue Bridge. One exposure, no photoshop! Got an interesting picture in or around Canberra? Email it to to share it with the world.

Photos / Tiger snake at Point Hut Crossing!

Amanda came across this magnificent beast yesterday and sent in some great pictures: These warm, summer pics may be a gentle reminder to your readers at the moment. The shots were taken yesterday (Mon 15 December) afternoon at the east bank near Point Hutt Crossing on the Murrumbidgee. My friend’s lab Trudy had attended training […]