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Toilet humour from Gorman House vandals

A particularly low form of toilet humour appears to have infected Canberra’s inner city vandals with the pictured modification of the Gorman House Arts Centre’s sign. But we’ll admit somewhere deep within our inner child there was a muffled snicker. Have you seen something interesting around Canberra? Take a picture and send it to […]

Civic’s secret garden

CIVIC in winter can be a touch bleak. Before the plane trees unfurl their leaves the concrete jungle on a cloudy day leaves a bit to be desired. But there’s a bit of a surprise if you go looking for it. Nipping down Riverside Lane in a car park bounded by City Walk, Petrie Plaza, […]

Signs of spring in Canberra?

There are a few ways to tell if spring has come in Canberra. Young women ride past wearing skirts on bicycles, magpies become a topic of discussion, I stop wearing gloves, I’m sure you dear reader can add a few of your own. But I think most definitive is the beautiful display of blossom in […]


A miserable Monday enlivened by miserable parking

Today’s omnibus edition of bad parking spotted around Canberra starts with two seen by Andrew. Gerry was displeased by this effort at the University of Canberra. Frank noted this magnificent piece of half-arsed non-effort outside the Canberra Centre. Geoff discovered this member of the diplomatic community, who appears to remain uncertain on which side of […]

Zed’s heroes? Abbott, Thatcher, and Reagan?

Walking down Bunda Street one can’t help but admire Liberal Senator Zed Seselja’s enormous head covering the exterior of his electoral office. But glancing through the door one is struck by the little shrine of photographs of great conservative leaders. Tony Abbott, a black and white of Margaret Thatcher, and resplendent afore the stars and […]