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Photos / Tiger snake at Point Hut Crossing!

Amanda came across this magnificent beast yesterday and sent in some great pictures: These warm, summer pics may be a gentle reminder to your readers at the moment. The shots were taken yesterday (Mon 15 December) afternoon at the east bank near Point Hutt Crossing on the Murrumbidgee. My friend’s lab Trudy had attended training […]

shooting star

Shooting star over Canberra

LAST night’s geminid meteor shower was a bit of a fizzer. However “CityNews” photographer ANDREW CAMPBELL was out on O’Connor oval and managed to capture the above firey ball of destruction bearing down on Black Mountain Tower. [Got an image you want to share with the world? Email it in to ]

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Westward ho for the trolleys

Regular readers will no doubt be thrilled to learn that abandoned shopping trolleys continue to litter the environs of the ACT Government’s Civic Square complex. Oddly this week they all seem to be on the western side of the building. Have you seen something of note around Canberra? Take a picture and send it in […]