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More photos from the Kayak Camera Man

Paul Jurak, the Kayak Camera Man has sent through some more examples of his wonderful work out on Lake Burley Griffin with these words: Canberra has been absolutely stunning the past few days. We have been treated to a gorgeous display of amazing sunrises and sunsets. How lucky are we to have this on our […]

Behold the storm

“CITYNEWS” snapper Andrew Campbell was out late last night taking photographs of the intense electrical storm Canberra experienced. Some great shots of lightning over Lake Burley Griffin. If you’ve got great pictures from in and around Canberra you want to share with our audience send them in to .

Top GeoShot Media Release Image – Overall Winner – Gibraltar Falls_LR

‘Gibraltar Falls’ wins the 2014 Top Geoshot photo competition

CANBERRA’S Mark Jekabsons has taken out the 2014 Top Geoshot photo competition run by Geoscience Australia, for his photo of Gibraltar Falls. Chosen from a tough field of over 360 entries from across Australia, Mark’s photo highlighted this year’s theme, ‘Great Southern Land’, capturing mountain and valley formations from the top of Gibraltar Falls. Dr […]


Repelled from the gates of the Assembly, the trolleys still circle

Returning to our Monday programming we can happily report that the imminent threat of a shopping trolley invasion of the ACT Legislative Assembly has been averted with the Trolley At The Door pushed away by some instrumentality. Trolleys, however, do remain within sight of the building in spite of the legislation passed in that hallowed […]


We now return to Monday parking

WITH Canberrans settling into the unfamiliar and distressing need to work on Mondays after a habit forming run of public holidays we return to pictures of poor parking around Canberra. Juha has popped out the Queanbeyan’s Supacheap auto to spy this effort. Meanwhile I saw this in Braddon. While technically a fine park it did […]


What bug is this?

THIS handsome fellow was sited this morning here in Canberra. Do any “CityNews” readers know what exactly it is beyond “A big moth”? Answers much appreciated in the comments or via email to . Similarly any questions you need answers to at the same address and our terribly well informed audience will no doubt […]

Toilet humour from Gorman House vandals

A particularly low form of toilet humour appears to have infected Canberra’s inner city vandals with the pictured modification of the Gorman House Arts Centre’s sign. But we’ll admit somewhere deep within our inner child there was a muffled snicker. Have you seen something interesting around Canberra? Take a picture and send it to […]

Civic’s secret garden

CIVIC in winter can be a touch bleak. Before the plane trees unfurl their leaves the concrete jungle on a cloudy day leaves a bit to be desired. But there’s a bit of a surprise if you go looking for it. Nipping down Riverside Lane in a car park bounded by City Walk, Petrie Plaza, […]