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Corbell floats child sex offence proposals

SIMON Corbell is seeking community views on proposals to strengthen the ACT’s child sex offender laws. He says the proposed amendments will give police special powers to better monitor and manage registered sex offenders. “The reforms aim to reduce the likelihood of convicted child sex offenders re-offending, and provide more support to authorities during the […]

Mick Gentleman wants to hammer out a new ACT PS workers’ comp scheme in six weeks

MICK Gentleman says consultation has commenced on the design of a new workers’ compensation scheme aimed at providing improved outcomes for injured ACT public sector employees. “The ACT Government continues focus on assisting its injured workers recover and return to employment as soon as possible, and we wish to work with our staff and their […]

Andrew Barr off to New Zealand to plead the airport’s case

ANDREW Barr says he’s heading to New Zealand this week to meet Ministers in New Zealand and their tourism and aviation industry representatives to discuss a range of visitor economy issues, including international flights from Canberra airport. “New Zealand visitors are the highest contributor to Australia’s tourism industry in annual visits, however the country ranks […]

Major parties united by the dollars in their eyes

SIMON Corbell is celebrating the passage of his electoral changes. “The Electoral Amendment Act 2015 makes significant improvements which strengthen the integrity of our electoral system as the cornerstone of a robust democracy and a society in which citizens can truly participate,” Simon said. “The government carefully considered various interests across the community before proposing […]

Barr talks up the numbers for a summer of major events

ANDREW Barr says the ACT Government’s commitment to hosting major sporting and community events is continuing to deliver positive outcomes, with strong crowds flocking to venues throughout the summer to enjoy these events and delivering unprecedented national and international exposure to the capital. “The city’s jam-packed calendar of summer events has provided further confirmation that […]

Feds reward asset sales with $60 million for light rail

ANDREW Barr says the Capital Metro project will receive an injection of around $60 million in Commonwealth funding under an agreement with Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey. “The Commonwealth will make a contribution to this investment under its Asset Recycling Initiative. Under this scheme the Territory is eligible for a 15 percent bonus from the Commonwealth […]

University of Canberra given more freedom to grow its business

ANDREW Barr says the University of Canberra Amendment Bill 2015, introduced today, will help the University of Canberra by modernising its legislation in relation to governance and expanding its functions, so that it can develop additional sources of income, for example from commercialising property and developing its campus in the coming years. “Consistent with my […]


ACT moving against puppy farms

SHANE Rattenbury has introduced the Domestic Animals (Breeding) Legislation Amendment Bill 2015, which is intended to prevent intensive breeding of domestic animals for the pet market, known as puppy and kitten farms. “The Bill seeks to avoid the serious animal welfare issues that we have seen in other states with intensive pet breeding operations that […]

Court reforms replace the Master with an Associate Judge

SIMON Corbell says he is introducing new legislation intended to improve courts efficiency. “The changes in the Courts Legislation Amendment Bill are part of the government’s ongoing commitment to improving access to justice for members of our community,” Simon said. One of the amendments will make pre-trial orders binding on the judge unless, in their […]

Solar fluffyites to get a portable feed-in tarrif

ANDREW Barr says he will introduce a Bill with a range of amendments to support the continued work of the ACT Government in eradicating ‘Mr Fluffy’ from the Canberra Community through the Buyback and Demolition Program. “A number of the amendments in the Dangerous Substances (Loose Fill Asbestos Eradication) Legislation Amendment Bill 2015 support homeowners […]

Doszpot calls for cooler classrooms

STEVE Doszpot says the Government needs to get back to core business and ensure Canberra’s school students and teachers aren’t forced to work under extreme temperatures in the classroom. “This can be a particularly difficult time of the year in classrooms which aren’t adequately cooled,” Steve said. “In 2014 the ACT branch of the Australian […]


Barr moves to wedge Hanson on knighthoods

ANDREW Barr says he will move that the ACT Legislative Assembly recognise that Tony Abbott’s ‘captain’s call’ to bring back Knights and Dames doesn’t reflect a modern, confident and diverse Australia and devalues the awards delivered to notable Canberrans under the pre-existing honours system. “Like many Australians, I have found the decision to bring back […]


Shellshock corner on the move

ANDREW Barr has announced a real estate shuffle in Manuka with the burned out Canberra Services Club (aka The Shellshock Inn) finding a new location (they’ll need to move their tank), a new child care facility, and an upgrade to Telopea Park School’s sporting facilities. “Members of the Services Club have been without a home […]

Government planning over-rides get a tick

SIMON Corbell has welcomed a report that supports the ACT Government’s proposal to limit appeal rights on infrastructure and development projects of benefit to the ACT community. “The Latimer House Principles and the ACT Legislative Assembly” was prepared by the University of Canberra’s Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis and tabled by the Speaker of […]