Yes please, to Nepalese

WE were looking for something delicious to treat our tastebuds to and  A Taste of Himalaya, tucked into a small spot on Palmerston Lane in Manuka, was our destination. Owner and chef Surya Maharja, former Hyatt chef de cuisine, is from Nepal and started whipping up authentic Himalayan cuisine many moons ago. I wasn’t sure […]

Red herring in marriage debate

NICK Jensen, from the Australian Christian Lobby, argued on these pages that if we allow same-sex couples to marry, we must extend the same privilege to polygamous and polyamorous (multi-partner) relationships (CN, August 23). I suspect Mr Jensen may be engaging in some mischief-making, but it nevertheless deserves a response.  First, some facts. None of […]

Parties start poll dancing

THE final sitting of the seventh ACT Parliament was used by all the parties as an attempt to position themselves for the forthcoming election.  The no-confidence motion in the Chief Minister by the Liberals was their Exocet missile designed for maximum damage after months of small-arms shots over the “data doctoring” affair at the Canberra […]


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