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Review / ‘Birdman’ (MA) **** and a half

AS I write, I hear the news that “Birdman” has garnered this year’s longest list of Oscar nominations. I’m not surprised. It’s a cracker of a film, packed with subtleties exploring, for example, the crassness of blockbuster movies, the fragility of celebrity, how wit differs from slapstick, indeed the whole wonderful range of the building […]

Review / ‘Paper Planes’ (G) ***

DIRECTOR Robert Connolly and novelist Steve Worland have created a sweet, structurally linear, dramatically simple film about youthful determination, great children’s cinema that grown-ups might perhaps consider too simplistic but heck, we were all kids once. Ed Oxenbould plays 12-year-old Dylan, living on a hardscrabble rural property with his dad Jack (Sam Worthington) effectively catatonic […]