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Arts / ‘Quirky’ self-portraits win art prize

FIVE ‘quirky’ self-portraits presented in matchboxes have won the 2014 Capital Chemist Art Award, it was announced at Tuggeranong Arts Centre today, Saturday ,  by Peter Downing, group business manager for Capital Chemist. Braddon artist Thomas Arthur Buckland’s unusual portraits have been made from recycled cardboard, depicting a mood for every day of the week. […]

Review / ‘Sin City: A Dame To Kill For’ (MA) **

IN Robert Rodriguez’s violent, angry filming of Frank Miller’s cartoon strip fantasy views of the underbelly of American society, this city sleeps by day and wakes after sunset. Power, lust, greed, hatred and ultra-violence resume scattering their nefarious influences among men who know not how to contribute to healing society’s illnesses and women whose bodies […]

Review / ‘We Are The Best’ (MA) ****

IN Swedish filmmaker Moodysson’s dramatisation of a cartoon strip by his wife, schoolgirls Bobo and Klara, soon to start climbing puberty’s upward slope, want to become a punk band but neither has any musical skill. They have devised pejorative lyrics listing their reasons for loathing sport. They have worked out that that business about God […]

Review / ‘Wish I Was Here’ (M) ***

IN his second film after “Garden State” (2004), director Zach Braff plays aspiring actor Aidan, upon whom life’s burdens, while individually relatively minor, are steadily piling up. The Jewish school is threatening to bar his children (Joey King and Pierce Gagnon) unless outstanding fees are promptly paid. His retired father (Mandy Patinkin) needs all his […]

Arts in the City / Celebrating Banjo’s birthday

LATERAL-thinking Robert Stephens, of Aarwun Gallery, has Max Cullen speaking and performing at the opening night of Ted Lewis’ exhibition of paintings, “In the Footsteps of Banjo Paterson”. It runs at the Federation Square gallery from 6pm on September 19 to October 14 and marks the 150th anniversary of Paterson’s birth. THE Australia Cuba Friendship […]