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aodalia gold

Deal done for Chinese film making around Canberra

ANDREW Barr has announced a partnership between Canberra companies JIA Films and SilverSun Pictures China’s Yuezhong Pictures that has the potential to deliver $50 million of productions in the next decade. “I was pleased to join Cindy Li, CEO of JIA Films Australia, Andrew Marriott, CEO of SilverSun Pictures as well as other representatives from […]

Letters / ‘Loonies’ slur wrong

COLUMNIST Robert Macklin in “Tony takes ’em on, young and old” (CN, May 29) in commenting on Canberra parents refusing to allow their “kids” (children, not goats) to be immunised, refers to such parents as “loonies”, which might not be appropriate at all or at least in all circumstances. Edward Corbitt, via email Guilty on […]

Robert Macklin.

Macklin / Katy takes a hand in the broken ARM

THREE cheers for Chief Minister Katy Gallagher in dubbing Australia’s royalists celebrity groupies; and in her rallying cry for real action from the Australian Republican Movement. The ARM’s pussy-footing approach has seen support drain away. Perhaps it’s time for some new brooms to replace the former politicians and diplomats now running the show. CANBERRA, it […]

Robert Macklin

Rewards loom for a likely murderer

SO let me get this straight: Judge Brian Martin is “fairly certain that [Eastman] is guilty of the murder”. He’s clearly unbalanced. He has been in jail for 19 years without meaningful psychiatric treatment. So now he should be released into the community and paid a king’s ransom in compensation. Have I got that right? […]

Producer Cindy Jia Li… worked with some of the top film people in China.

Local filmmakers bring back Chinese bushranger

AWARD-winning author and screenwriter, Robert Macklin, and former Shanghai producer, Cindy Jia Li, are planning a film about Australia’s only Chinese bushranger, Sam Pu. The film, called “Aodaliya Gold”, is to be set at Gooromon Park Riding Centre in the hills of Hall. “Aodaliya” is Mandarin for “Australia”. Pu came to Australia during the Gold […]

Uni buckled by bullies

THE ANU should hang its head in shame. Students and staff have stood idly by while their own administrators have attacked their freedom of speech and expression. They, like the chancellery, have buckled when threatened by religious bullies. And they have done so with barely a peep. The facts of the case are simple. The […]

Should she stay or should she go? Prime Minister Julia Gillard

The case for keeping Julia

Robert Macklin’s latest column on the aftermath of the Leadership spill is here.  IT seems I’m the only columnist left in Australia who thinks Julia Gillard and her excellent government have a reasonable chance of winning the September 14 election. Call me quixotic if you like, but I just can’t believe that my fellow Australians […]

A graduation in life’s hard lessons

IT was one of the more unusual graduations I have attended. No mortar boards and swish academic gowns; no dancing on the lawns with photos of proud parents before the sandstone cloisters or the dreaming spires. Yet it probably signalled a more profoundly life-changing achievement than most academic awards. The graduate was our grandson – […]

Barking up the wrong tree

I AM not a tree person. I am unimpressed by their personalities, their unadventurous, stay-at-home attitudes. And I especially don’t like listening to people who wax lyrical about the relative merits of different species. Trees just are. They breathe C02 and provide a home for birds. But they can also be very dangerous in high […]

Our poor relations

Our poor relations

IT’S not easy for Canberrans being surrounded by NSW. It’s a bit like a nice, well-educated family displaced by some climate-change disaster, waking up to find itself surrounded by the poor relations… except in our case there’s no prospect of reprieve, ever.  We’re stuck here. And getting out – even to visit our beach house […]

Canberra Confidential: Speechley cut short

ANOTHER senior manager at the highly anticipated Centenary of Canberra has followed the late-June departure of Centenary director Sarah Hitchcock. Jane Speechley, senior public relations manager for the yet-to-start Centenary celebration, quietly slipped away in recent days to form her own business. Hitchcock resigned for what she told “CC” at the time, was a “personal […]