Greg Mews: places we need

Urban planner Greg Mews writes:

What connects people in a city and what determines liveability in a city that needs to respond to the challenges of the 21st century?

Most urban dwellers consider themselves as individuals. Individuals have particular needs and want to be unique, which they often express through material manifestations such as houses or cars etc.

However, cities have a key role in catering for everybody’s needs in the same an equal manner. A city provides spaces all people, for the young and old members of the community as well as for disadvantaged groups.

Translating these individual needs into the public domain – the space that should provide for all of us in a city – can enable liveable and active spaces. In liveable spaces everybody can celebrate their uniqueness and it just takes a couple of simple but meaningful steps to achieve this.

  • An adequate population density that can support economic viable use of infrastructure.
  • Be nice to people by providing sufficient spaces for them.

  • Design that space for the people by considering light, noise, scale and imageability.

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