BBQs + Joy-Bags = September sitting

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Oh how they roared and rumbled this week, the members of the ACT Legislative Assembly were in fine form, screaming and carrying on about buses and school truants and “Joy-Bags” (the ALP show-bags Joy Burch delivered to school children at Campbell High earlier in the month).

Speaker Shane Rattenbury nearly lost it, but he didn’t throw anybody out. Although he probably should.

There were, I’m sure, a number of very sensible and serious proceedings outside of two to three pm, but I won’t remember anything about it.

All I will take away from the September sitting week of 2010 is the Prostate Cancer BBQ hosted by Health Minister, Treasurer and Deputy Chief Minister Katy Gallagher at King O’Malleys today in Civic, which raised around $500.

With Gallagher firing up the snags on the BBQ, Labor MLA Mary Porter took $2 donations, Greens Leader Meredith Hunter, Liberal MLAs Jeremy Hanson and Alistair Coe then loaded the white bread with onions and sausage in the most direct display of co-operation between the parties seen in our nation’s capital all year.

“We’re ensuring that there is transparancy at the BBQ at all times,” Hanson said, “Have to keep the Government accountable.”

“We were going to send it to a committee, but it would take eight months for anyone to get a sausage,” Coe told me.

Apparently the Greens made sure there were vegetarian sausages available.

Yes. This is what it looked like. Gallagher and the CFMEU’s Dean Hall below.

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