“Bridesmaids” (MA) ★ ★ ½

THE SMS shorthand most closely fitting  this chick flick satirising American wedding traditions is OMG.

Kirsten Wiig, who also plays the principal character Anni, has written a screenplay sprinkled with too many bad-taste gags over a foundation of sporadically-deft humour. Its episodic dramatic structure lacks perceptiveness, even in its satirical context. Its clichés, whether visual, aural or dramatic, soon get tired. It could have more grip.

These shortcomings weigh “Bridesmaids” down but not beyond the actors’ ability to rescue.

Anni has self-management problems. She has bedroom talent, but is not in a firm relationship. Her best friend Lillian (Maya Rudolph) asks Anni to be maid of honour, a position that Helen (Rose Byrne) with a wealthy and neglectful husband wants.

The glue holding “Bridesmaids” together relaxes its grip on our interest somewhat sooner than its 125-minute runtime.

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