“Little White Lies” (MA) ★ ★ ★ ½

AFTER a night of clubbing, Ludo rides his moto through dawn-deserted Paris streets. Intersection. Delivery van. Whammo.

In hospital, his chums agree that as he’s non compos, they might as well carry on with their regular vacation at the beach house owned by domineering Max whose wife Vero has his measure but rocks no boats.

Erik, father of three, confesses to Max that he loves his hands but is not gay.  Marie (Marion Cotillard) has lovers. Vincent’s lover has stayed in town.

Antoine, 30 going on 4, is fixated about Juliette who’s also in town and about to marry another. Jean-Louis has an oyster farm and a boat that Max likes to drive. While Ludo lies immobilised, the others are drinking, eating, playing on the water and generally having fun. Beneath that happy veneer, relationships are interacting, friendships are being tested, feelings are being felt, expressed and sublimated. There’s really nobody in the group deserving sympathy. Only Jean-Louis, big, bluff, achingly fond of Ludo, has a firm grip on reality and a clear perception of how the others are deluding themselves.

There’s more meat than just this on those dramatic bones.

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