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"Entrance" - created and performed by Yumi Umiumare.
DANCE “EnTrance” Created and performed by Yumi Umiumare, The Street Theatre, season ended. Reviewed by Joe Woodward

"Entrance" - created and performed by Yumi Umiumare.

YUMI Umiumare is an accomplished performer exhibiting a versatile range of styles that make her work engaging and intriguing.

In “EnTrance” she covers a wide range of identifiably Butoh characteristics. Butoh was influenced by French surrealism and is created as a kind of anti-aesthetic against traditional and modern dance in Japan. Butoh became a world-wide phenomena by the 1980s, through the collaboration of Tatsumi Hijikata and Kazuo Ohno.

“EnTrance” illuminates the transparency of the individual against the backdrop of the world. We see the individual lost in movement of the modern city. This dance of shadows suggests there is a deeper more elusive reality.

In a beautifully constructed scene about tears, Umiumare explores this relationship in a comical and yet sad sequence. The yearning for something real and the pain beneath often flippant portrayals in popular representations are treated in an extraordinary way through parody followed by a strange introverted sequence of a woman with an umbrella.

While some of “EnTrance” seems disjointed and awkward, it is a unique experience of visual delight and artistic provocation.

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