Convoy protest photos


“CityNews” snapper SILAS BROWN, who protectively rode his push bike to Parliament House to avoid the traffic at about 7.30am, reports not seeing a single truck or protester in the vicinity.

By 9am, he reported about 500 protesters arrive by bus to the lawns of Parliament House. He says they were protesting on various issues including child maintenance and the general “disaray” of the Australian Government.


@ACT_Community: LOST: Much loved convoy of trucks. Went missing in the #Canberra region 22 August. Answers to the name of ‘Tony’. Generous reward for return

@ACT_Community: Mystery solved: Word is the #convoync stopped in at the CSIRO on their way to Parliament House, changed their mind, and went home.

@JamesScullen: They can’t even organise a traffic jam in a city with only one major road #honkhonk #convoync #convoyfail

@Lyons_Ben: Coffee. In recognition of #convoync, today I order a latte instead of my usual flat white.

@buckmasterluke: BREAKING: was just stuck beside a truck on Majura Avenue heading south. Appeared to be delivering sand. I repeat: DELIVERING SAND #convoync

@larasmama: First you complain #convoync will hurt city with traffic. They organise to not gridlock. Now you complain #convoync not a big enough protest

@richardphelps: Many #canberra peeps had the fastest drive to work ever, so if there were no trucks, why not this all the time? #convoync #actvcc

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