Gorgeous cottage garden in Gowrie

MAYFIELD is a garden in Gowrie with roses blooming in terraced beds, which combine with perennials and exotics to create a cottage garden feel.

Elegant Eucalyptus mannifera provides a canopy for front beds where groundcovers flourish.

“We purchased 26 Gratwick Street in January 2003, just after the awful Canberra bushfires,” says owner Jo Gross. “The bigger house and larger block attracted us here, but it was hard leaving behind a pretty garden in Curtin.

“However, an extra bonus was a big, empty backyard, just perfect for a lovely new garden. Our new front garden had basic landscaping with lush lawn, but far too many trees and little else of interest.

“Gardening is my passion (my husband John loves admiring only) and I had brought loads of cuttings and baby plants and seedlings from my former garden,” says Jo.

The block sits on a gentle slope so terracing seemed a good idea to Jo, plus soft paths of gravel so that every drop of rainfall would stay in the garden.

“I redesigned the front garden myself and did most of the work with a little help from my husband and son,” she says.

“All grass was removed, new garden beds added, others enlarged, paths were widened and we used a light-coloured gravel for paths and extra parking on the nature strip.

“Because the two manifera rather dominate the front garden, I thought that a mix of natives and exotic plants would work quite well.

“Our back garden was also designed and largely built by me. I wanted a pretty garden with the WOW factor, as well as practical considerations such as vege and herb areas and some lawn for the grandchildren.

“Roses, Camellias and Hebes are three of my favourite shrubs and have been used extensively.

“We have a garden view from every window in the house and some calming and relaxing spots in the garden and the patio.”

Mayfield, 26 Gratwick Street, Gowrie, is open 10am-4.30pm, October 15-16. Entry is $6, under 18 free; plants available for purchase.

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