Green Lantern (M) ★ ½

Reviewed by Cameron Williams

IN recent years, the superhero genre has hit its stride with the likes of “The Dark Knight” and “Iron Man”, but the bubble has burst with the arrival of “Green Lantern”.

Based on one of the many heroes from the DC Comics stable – including Superman and Batman – Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) is a cocky test pilot who lives life on the edge. After discovering an alien spacecraft, he is recruited by a group of space police known as the Green Lanterns.

The film delivers non-stop superhero movie clichés and tries to gloss over its non-existent plot with beefed-up special effects, which shine in parts, but look almost unfinished in others.

Reynolds is terribly miscast which should send most comic-book fanboys into fits of rage, with the rest of the cast stuck churning out dialogue that is absolute drivel.

“Green Lantern” is aimed at two-year-olds and is nothing more than an attempt to sell toys. An estimated $300 million was wasted on this trash and fans beware, only heartbreak lies ahead.

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