Horrible Bosses (MA) no stars

I NOW understand why commercial TV was going gangbusters promoting this bucket of garbage during the last couple of weeks. Josef Goebbels had it right when he said that if you told a big enough lie often enough, people would come to believe it.

“Horrible Bosses” has an honorable place near the top of any thinking film-goer’s list of bad films.

It took three writers to create its zero-credibility plot grossly diminished by arrantly-stupid situations. Three employees, top-grade morons occupying contrived positions to support the story, conspire to terminate their bosses – a bully, an heir using company funds to support a hedonistic lifestyle and a blonde dentist afflicted with erotomania.

Comedy often uses fools to generate laughter, but surrounds them with wit to justify their purpose. There is no wit in “Horrible Bosses”.

We have tickets to see Kevin Spacey play Richard III in December. I am flabbergasted that the director of Britain’s Old Vic Theatre consented to play the bullying boss, while acknowledging that he does it with brio.

Jennifer Aniston is fine as the erotomaniac dentist, even when she has her clothes on.  But two swallows do not a summer make. This movie is a real bummer.

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