Malcolm in the muddle

Radio broadcaster and failed independent candidate MARK PARTON discovers he’s in with a chance at the next ACT election. Maybe, maybe not…

SO I’m on air the other day talking about the proposed changes to the electoral boundaries in the ACT; we’ve taken some callers and I’m discussing it with veteran political commentator Malcolm Mackerras. He’s all for the changes.

Malcolm tells me that the new boundaries would force a change to the make up of the Assembly and that the Greens’ influence would lessen.  He tells me that after 2012. the Assembly will be seven Labor, six Liberal, three greens and an independent… and he goes on to explain to me on my own radio program that the independent would be me!
I did point out to Malcolm that this theory was based on the premise of my running as a candidate in 2012 and Malcolm just gave me a wink.
It was a phone interview, but I could still see him winking.
I don’t always agree with Malcolm, but I think he’s right in supporting the redistribution. It’s always seemed crazy to me that Molonglo straddles the lake in a way which sees the seat stretch from just north of Kambah right up to Amaroo.
Under the proposed changes, Ginninderra would include Belconnen and Gungahlin and Lyneham, O’Connor and Turner. The rest of the inner-north would stay with Molonglo. Ginninderra would become the “people-mover”, the seven-seater and Molonglo would be reduced to a “sedan”, a five-seater.
The ABC’s Antony Green agrees that this would potentially remove one Green from Assembly.
I don’t think ACT Labor will be displeased about the potential redistribution. Under the old scenario, Labor would have had some problems filling the electoral vacuum caused by the departure of Jon Stanhope. The former chief minister didn’t just have supporters in Ginninderra, he had worshippers and the Labor section of the ballot paper was set to look a little empty without his name on it.
Chief Minister Katy Gallagher suggested to me last week she would, under the proposed new scenario, stand in Ginninderra simply because she would be residing in the seat.
When is that election again? October next year and I am very happy doing what I’m doing right now.

Mark Parton is the breakfast announcer on 2CC


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