Review: The Pig Iron People

“The Pig Iron People”
By John Doyle, directed by Aarne Neeme, REP at Theatre 3 until October 1.
Reviewed by Joe Woodward

“THE Pig Iron People” confirmed the experience of what theatre can be. With an excellent script, deft direction and a very professional acting ensemble, the audience was clearly invited to be part of the event.

John Doyle (aka Rampaging Roy Slaven, part of comedic duo Roy and HG) imbues his script with humour laced with life’s tragic edge, all set against the backdrop of historical circumstances. He lets the characters speak for themselves. This allowed for Aarne Neeme’s masterly directional skills to facilitate the actors to bring alive the spirits of different generations.

Don’t be fooled by Rep’s amateur status. There was noting amateur about any of the performances. Graham Robertson’s Jack (John Howard) was a truly iconic figure played with devastating timing and an acute underlying rage that was at times hilarious and then poignant.

Judi Crane showed no signs of sentiment while portraying the ageing Janette with dignity and a sense of resignation that was beautifully paced throughout the production.

Trish Kelly’s Rosie was a masterpiece of understated hurt overcome by a powerful sense of love and Wayne Shepherd as Claude was comic played with a deep sense of commitment to a simple man who found something to be passionate about. Ian Hart was magnetic in his Hitleresque Kurt, while Helen McFarlane and Sam Hannan-Morrow were very clear and suitably focusing in the way they approached Liberal Street.

If you haven’t been to Rep for a while, then don’t miss this.

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