Senna (M) ★ ★ ★ ½

Reviewed by Cameron Williams

FORMULA 1 drivers push the boundaries of human skill and mechanical excellence, and the latest documentary “Senna” shines the spotlight on one of the masters of the sport – Brazilian motor-racing champion Ayrton Senna.

Senna’s life is captured from his humble rise in the European go-karting circuit, through to his arrival on the Formula 1 stage and the success that followed in the ‘80s.

The story is told using footage collected by filmmaker Asif Kapadia, who tirelessly pieces together the puzzle of Senna’s life, most of it told without the traditional voiceover.  The race footage is thrilling and the rarely seen video of backroom bickering is eye opening.

Senna’s world is full of colourful racing identities and a place full of politics and rivalry.

Senna himself is an engaging character – a highly intelligent and spiritual person who thrives on a passion for racing, but is constantly bogged down by people with hidden agendas.

His never-say-die attitude is inspiring and the ending is heartbreaking.

“Senna” sits in pole position as one of the best documentaries of 2011; a must-see for revheads, but anyone who hasn’t seen an F1 race may struggle.

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