Carbon tax: Zed calls for local costs

Zed Seselja… calling for answers.

AS the sun rose on the Federal Government’s carbon tax, ACT Opposition Leader Zed Seselja was calling on Chief Minister Katy Gallagher to explain the cost of the tax on Canberrans.

He said that the carbon tax Katy Gallagher supports represents a cost of hundreds of dollars for every Canberra household.

“Some cost implications of the carbon tax have come to light, but not from the Government itself,” Mr Seselja said.

“We know from the ICRC that Canberrans’ electricity costs will rise by a whopping $273 every year, largely because of the tax. The Opposition’s estimations show this could be closer to $500 for larger families.

“We’ve also learnt through a Freedom of Information request that the tax will leave a $73 million black hole in the ACT’s Budget, which could lead to an extra cost of around $140 to every household, every year.

“Based on the most conservative estimations, Canberrans are facing a yearly carbon tax cost of living hit of hundreds of dollars.”

He said Canberrans would also be undercompensated. One in five Canberra families would receive no compensation, and three in five families will be out of pocket.

“How will ACT Labor pay for the carbon tax they support? ” he said.

“Will there be a reduction in services, or will Canberrans again be made to pay more?”


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