Lake art confronts the turbines

"Grasslands brook" by Gregory S Fergusson

“Soaring Wedge-tailed Eagle” by Humphrey Price-Jones

PORTRAITIST Gregory Fergusson and distinguished bird painter Humphrey Price-Jones have discovered that their works complement one another in their perceptions of Weereewaa (the indigenous spelling, they say), the large body of water known by White Australia as Lake George, but in the Walgalu Aboriginal language meaning “brackish water”.

And just in case you wondered, they don’t like the wind turbines going up all around them.

Inspired by the lake’s beauty and unusual qualities, the two artists are exhibiting for the first time at Collector Books Gallery.

Unknowingly, they have independently created triptychs depicting the lake without the presence of wind turbines.

“Weereewaa, 25km long, 8 km wide, filling with water again for the first time in decades,” indigenous elder and activist, Shane Mortimer says, “is these artists’ inspiration to draw your attention to the beauty we are losing as a result of the proposal to surround it with wind turbines.”

Mortimer argues passionately that the turbines will “alter the delicate ecology of the world’s third oldest lake for all time. It will impact on indigenous species, human health and diminish the fertility of sheep and cattle grazing in the vicinity.”

The message of the artist’s impressions of what they’re calling the “timeless setting” is unmistakable – proposals for the western escarpment are simply drastic.

Mortimer says the artists have responded to the community’s concerns about the adverse health impact of these industrial wind farms with the suggested alternatives of rooftop solar to create permanent employment opportunities.

“Visit the Weereewaa Exhibition and voice your opinion,” he urges.

“Weereewaa” by Humphrey Price-Jones + Gregory S Fergusson, Collector Gallery, 22 Church Street Collector, November 30-Decemeber 16.

“Grasslands brook” by Gregory S Fergusson

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