Rare shrub faces extinction

A NATIVE shrub, only known to grow in the ACT, has been declared an endangered species with the threat of extinction following advice from the ACT Flora and Fauna Committee.

The Bossiaea grayi (pronounced Boss-e-a gray-e-i) is a rare, wiry shrub with yellow and brown pea flowers and flattened stems that function as leaves. It generally grows to around 1.5m high and is typically found along rivers in the riparian corridor.

Bossiaea grayi was identified at several locations in the ACT prior to the 2003 bushfires. However, surveys completed in 2006 and 2007 failed to identify the shrub in any of the locations, however a year later the plant had returned to two sites.

In 2010, surveys identified a number of new but relatively small populations in the Murrumbidgee River Corridor and its tributaries.

The ACT Government progressed declaration of this species after advice from the ACT Flora and Fauna Committee identified the species at risk of extinction because of its small area of occupancy and small number of plants.

The ACT Government will continue to work to conserve the plant in the ACT.


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