Review: ‘Me Right Now’


“Me Right Now,”

Quantum Leap

At The Playhouse, May 9-12.

Reviewed by Samara Purnell


THE Quantum Leapers in “Me Right Now” look at identity and today’s expectations in becoming a man or woman, while finding and embracing their own identity and celebrating the joy and innocence of youth.

This impressive production blends four choreographers’ work into a seamless performance.

The dancers manipulated a rope representing a timeline, a tightrope and a one-way street, in Lina Limosani’s piece. The idea was fresh, but the “well-worn” choreography was disappointing and unchallenging. However, it was well-executed and precisely danced.

The role of men in society, as provider, lover, father, was examined in Matt Cornell’s piece.

His choreography was right on the mark, with the boys partnering each other in this polished performance, endearingly and strongly danced. Cornell’s work was a highlight of the evening, along with the girls’ featured act, by Jade Dewi Tyas-Tunggal.

Adam Ventura’s soundscape was a perfect blend of timeless, meditative music for the girls to present their take on becoming women and exploring female sexuality, represented by donning high heels.

This interesting and understated refreshing piece ends in a poignant moment, when a young suitor tenderly removes the heels of a young girl, unsteady and unsure of herself. At times, the girls seemed out of sync with each other.

The multimedia display generally complemented the performance, although it occasionally became distracting.

The cardio-taxing finale, from Ruth Osborne, featured good group co-operation, which counterbalanced the simple choreography. It was given life by the expressiveness and emotional conviction of the dancers.




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