Review: ‘That’s My Boy’ (MA) ★★

I TOYED with giving not more than one star for Sean Anders’s coarse, crude film lacking moral validity.

Such a decision would manifest personal prejudices needing better reasons for justification than merely finding it devoid of merit. Its satire wears hob-nailed boots to tread a path littered with middle-class behaviour that the righteous will deplore, which is probably the effect that David Caspe’s screenplay intended for it. For us normal folk not put off by rude frankness, it may be (indeed, is) silly but need not necessarily be offensive.

With Adam Sandler leading a cast of 64 credited and 87 uncredited players and being one of its seven producers, it’s okay to expect a high crassness level. Sandler plays Donny who, as a schoolboy, got the English teacher pregnant and as an adult never without a beer in his hand wants to make contact with his son Todd (Andy Samberg) who may be able to fund his overdue tax bill. Todd is about to marry his boss’s daughter Jamie (Leighton Meester), whose family from grandma down is a fun bunch with uninhibited vocabulary, energetic libidos and few inhibitions about keeping it in the family.

In a cameo as Todd’s mom, serving 33 years jail for corrupting the morals of a minor, Susan Sarandon provides a breath of fresh air as does James Caan as the priest booked to marry Todd to Jamie.


At Hoyts and Limelight

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