Review: ‘Your Sister’s Sister’ (M) *** and a half

GRIEVING for his brother, Jack’s (Mark Duplass) brother’s girlfriend Iris (Emily Blunt) offers him her family’s empty weekender to get over it.

But when Jack arrives after nightfall, he discovers Iris’s half-sister Hannah (Rosemary DeWitt) also in the house recovering from breaking up with her long-time girlfriend. There’s an open bottle of liquor on the table. By the time it’s empty, Hannah has agreed to have sex. Jack has no condom, but she does.

Next morning, Lynn Shelton’s three-hander really takes off when Iris arrives unannounced. Iris and Jack are best friends. Hannah and Iris unload their shared anxieties and discover that Hannah has been concealing a subtext involving pin-holes in the condom.

The film depends on relationship dialogue more than action. That between the women is warm and perceptive. But Hannah’s revelation has thrown Jack for a loop. Slowly, the trio work their way through the emotional issues surrounding them.

It’s an agreeable chick-flick rom-com that sends us away with an enigma to enjoy while wondering about its unstated options!

At Greater Union

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