Trooping heads to the lake

OUR music critic, Ian McLean, has contacted us with his Army hat on to tell of a spectacular, free public event planned for the June long weekend.

To celebrate the Queen’s diamond jubilee year and the royal birthday, the traditional “Trooping the Colour” ceremony is this year to be held, not as usual in the parade ground at Duntroon, which is being refurbished, but at Gallipoli Reach, Rond Terrace, on the foreshore of Lake Burley Griffin.

The ceremony goes back into the history of the British monarchy during the 16th century, when it was necessary to identify regiments by escorting their colours through the troops each evening. Later it became a part of the guard-mounting procedures by the Foot Guards of the British Army and a way for units to share duties on the king or queen’s birthday.

The commandant, staff and cadets of RMC, Lt-Col. McLean tells us, are particularly proud of the customs and traditions contained in this ceremony and look forward to this public displays of their skills.

He suggests that members of the public bring along a folding chair and a warm blanket to best enjoy the ceremony. Refreshments will be available and facilities provided.

“Trooping the Colour”, Rond Terrace, 10.15am, Saturday, June 9. Free admission.


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