‘Immersive experience’ in performance art

“N O P L A C E” is the name, but this performance is taking place ‘somewhere’, in the newish Nishi Gallery NewActon.

Kelly Beneforti  - no place

Kelly Beneforti – no place

Directed by Adelina Larsson, it’s a performance installation about four women tracing ‘hypnogogia,’ that transitional state between wakefulness and sleep. the work is intended as an immersive experience of the subconscious mind through dance, sound and video installation.

The idea is that the audience enter an installation design by Christiane Nowak with dancers, Amelia McQueen, Alison Plevey, Janine Proost and Kelly Beneforti inside a projected environment designed by Sarah Kaur.

Sounds by Shoeb Ahmad are sampled live and developed into a real time soundscape representing the interrelation between the imagination and perceptional experience. Rather in the manner of a visual artist’s artspeak ‘statement,’ Larsson tells us, “the projection imagery reflects the fluid interactivity between the body and the imagined environment. The performers will mediate this permeable point of consciousness to the audience, inviting them in to their perception of the subconscious manifest, revealing it in real time.”

The installation will stay open after the 25 minute show and audiences are invited to walk inside the installation and encouraged to engage in discussion with the creative team after the show.

Clearly you have to be there to experience it.

“n o p l a c e,”  Nishi Gallery, NewActon, (pay parking available at Palace Electric Cinemas) 7.30pm Nov 28, 29 & 30, 4pm Nov 30, 4pm & 7.30pm Dec 1. Please arrive at the gallery 15 minutes before the performance. Bookings to trybooking.com/69787 or adelinalarsson.tumblr.com


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