Locals fight Zombie Apocalypse

Film producer Daniel Sanguineti

Film producer Daniel Sanguineti

HE’S at it again – producer Daniel Sanguineti, who filmed “Theatre of the Dead” in Erindale Theatre, is partnering with emerging film-maker Declan Shrubb and comedians Greg Fleet and Alex “Shooter” Williamson  to make  ScreenACT’s low budget “Oz‐Zom-Com feature”, to be titled “Me and my Mates vs The Zombie Apocalypse.”

The project is billed as an Australian Zombie Comedy feature film. Scripted by Shrubb, the plot revolves around three telecom tradesmen hiding in a telephone exchange during the onset of a zombie apocalypse.

They’re hoping to achieve an Australian comedy flavour similar to “The Castle,” with perhaps a dash of cult Brit zombie comedy film “Shaun of the Dead.”

ScreenACT is, of course, the office of film, TV and digital media for the ACT and Capital region and  Shrubb’s project was one of three that were successful in receiving $120,000 of investment from the ACT Screen Investment Fund.

According to Shrubb, the team has started a crowd funding campaign on the Indiegogo fundraising platform (indiegogo.com) to raise additional funds to increase the budget for practical effects, stunts, and zombie make. Crowd funding also played a part in the “Theatre of the Dead” project.

Producer Sanguineti says they have also been meeting with investors to bring an internationally-recognised comic into a supporting role.

Shooting is due to begin in January 2014 And it will all happen in Canberra.


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