Axe to swing on West Row plane trees

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THE “CityNews” phone lines have been running hot with local outrage after four plane trees on West Row were labelled for destruction, as well as other trees near Hobart Place.

It appears they’re being taken down to facilitate the demolition of the Canberra House annexe which will also do away with the Canberra Club and the Wig and Pen pub.


“Removal has been authorised by the ACT Government and a suitable replacement tree will be planted nearby,” the sign reads.

The sign offers further information, but not consultation, for 14 days from May 20.


  1. Unfortunately this further exemplifies the poor attitude to trees in the CBD. Remember many years ago a bus was set on fire next to
    Glebe Park. Two trees were destroyed in the fire, but no attempt has been made to replace them. The same with trees in City Walk where round holes are all that is left of previous trees. Perhaps CBD Ltd could take an interest.

  2. Don’t forget that these trees are also illuminated by fairylights paid for by the Canberran tax payer no more than 3 years ago, and then refurbished again at the expense of the same tax payer less than 6 months ago. These trees have stood in this location for over 40 years. If this is allowed to occur, it will be a genuine tragedy, and a strong indicator of the Morris Property Groups attitude toward Canberra’s history and heritage.

  3. Devastated that information provided by local interested parties has been continually removed from the trees leaving only this notice as well. The trees and fairy lights make this area throughout the seasonal evenings. Surely the builders could go around them?

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