Bell tolls for ARC Cinema program as NFSA swings the axe

National Film and Sound Archivelr

National Film and Sound Archivelr

The National Film and Sound Archive have released an ominously worded statement on plans for staff cuts and the end of much loved programs at the conclusion of the winter program.

“We will be doing many things differently in the future so we are even more effective, innovative and relevant. This means some things will not continue in the way we have traditionally done them. Others will be integrated with other functions, or re-focused to take advantage of collaborations and the continually enhancing ability to share and feature our collection using technology,” said CEO Michael Loebenstein.

Michael denies the changes will make the NFSA “a mere storage facility”

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One Response to “Bell tolls for ARC Cinema program as NFSA swings the axe”

  1. June 1, 2014 at 12:01 pm #

    Of course it will make the NFSA merely a storage facility–of use to researchers, but the general public will get nothing from this taxpayer funded institution.

    Shame, Mr. Loebenstein!!! As one of my many appalled friends has observed, this will be like the National Gallery deciding not to put its art works on display.

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