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Canberra’s Petra Elliott starring in The Night Terrace

night terrace

AUDIO books are booming. Audio book maker Audible claims to be the biggest employer of actors in the New York area.

So it makes sense that other forms of old school radio play are making a comeback as people look to have something on when they drive or their eyes are otherwise occupied.

Into that space comes an interesting endeavour, a high power team of Australians putting together a Sci-Fi Comedy audio serial Night Terrace.

And Canberra’s own (albeit now based in Melbourne) Petra Elliott is one of the stars!

Here’s the trailer so you can see if it floats your boat:

They had this to say about themselves:

Creators of ABC1’s Outland, ABC2’s The Bazura Project and the Splendid Chaps podcast launch a new audio science fiction series starring Jackie Woodburne (Neighbours’ Susan Kennedy) and guest starring Chris Taylor (The Chaser), Francis Greenslade (Mad As Hell), Alan Brough (Spicks & Specks, Kath & Kim), Cal Wilson (Slideshow), Virginia Gay (Winners & Losers), Jane Badler (V, Mission: Impossible).

Jackie Woodburne has had many adventures on Australian television in the last 30 years. As Julie “Chook” Egbert in Prisoner she was held hostage by terrorists, terrorised by the Freak as part of a blackmail scheme, and caught up in a prison riot. As Susan Kennedy, her Neighbours character of 20 years, she’s been enmeshed in a love triangle with Dr Karl and Izzy, had retrograde amnesia and recently gave Lou an emergency tracheotomy with a ballpoint pen during a tornado.
But she’s never travelled into space to fight monsters and foil alien invasions.
Until now.

Jackie stars in the new eight-part audio comedy series Night Terrace, created and written by John Richards (co-creator/writer of ABC1’s Outland), Lee Zachariah (half of the ABC’s The Bazura Project and Chaser writer) and the team behind the Doctor Who podcast Splendid Chaps.

Jackie plays Anastasia Black, a scientist who used to save the world as part of a secret government organisation but now just wants a quiet retirement in the suburbs. She’s understandably miffed when her house unexpectedly starts travelling through space and time. She’ll travel from the ancient past to the distant future, from pre-historic Melbourne to the edges of human understanding, all the while trying to find a way home.

Joining Jackie are actor/comedian Ben McKenzie (Ben McKenzie Is Uncool at MICF, C31’s Planet Nerd) and actor/singer Petra Elliott (Petrasexual, Noises Off, Inside Out at La Mama).

It’s going to cost $30 and goes on sale on October 23 with all eight episodes available at that time.

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