An intensive support team for the worst tenants in public housing

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Shane Rattenbury

SHANE Rattenbury has launched a new housing service model -‘Modernising Tenancies,’ seeking to support tenants in public housing and reduce neighbourhood disturbances.

“The Modernising Tenancies model recognises that an enormous variety of people live in public housing, and that they require different types and different levels of support from housing managers,” Shane said.

“This new approach recognises that a one size fits all approach doesn’t work for our tenants. While many of our tenants have strong levels of independence, some of our tenants are not meeting the obligations under their tenancies, and can have problems that if left unaddressed, can cause distress for neighbours.

“I am concerned about reports and letters I receive from people who are negatively impacted by their neighbours, and this reform is aimed at better directing Housing ACT resources to prevent these situations and support everyone’s quiet enjoyment of their homes.

“The new model will employ a three-tier approach that will govern the level of contact and support required by different types of tenants. Three teams will be developed: one to focus on the early days of tenancy to ensure that the tenant is aware of their rights and responsibilities and are linked in to the appropriate supports; a second team to oversee predominately self-managed tenants to promote increased independence and community participation; and a third, intensive support team that will provide higher levels of support to tenants with more complex needs and difficulties within their neighbourhoods.”

“This tiered approach will better direct the time, resources and services provided by housing managers, increase support to vulnerable tenants, and reduce negative experiences and disruption for the broader community as a whole.

“It is my hope that this new approach will enhance the work of Housing Managers, provide better support to tenants, and also promote more harmonious neighbourhoods.”

The implementation of Modernising Tenancies commences on 1 July 2014 and will be consolidated over the six months to December 2014.

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