Review: ‘The Lego Movie’ (PG) ***

“THE Lego Movie” has already raked in more than $A400 million world-wide. A sequel is presently assembling for May, 2017 release.

imagesFor this Australian-made animated adventure comedy, co-directors and writers Phil Lord and Chris Miller applied CG and stop-motion techniques to create and manipulate images from Lego pieces.

Will Ferrell voice-overs tyrannical Lord Business and plays the Man Upstairs, a dad enchanted by Lego’s versatility in challenging young minds to build all manner of things.

Construction worker Emmett (Chris Pratt) is the Special, who finds the Piece of Resistance, the only weapon capable of stopping the Kragle, Lord Business’s superweapon.

Imaginative fantasy for all ages, the film posits only one rule about using Lego. Throw away the manual. Lord and Miller obey that rule enthusiastically, using Lego to form a myriad of colourful, inventive, dramatic creations and animated characters including Gandalf, Batman, Abraham Lincoln, Shakespeare, Superman, Wonder Woman, Good Cop/Bad Cop, C3PO and Han Solo.

In a world where innocence and optimism are basic blocks of civilised behaviour, nothing scares LegoLanders more than Superglue. Think about that, all you dads.

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