Shane promises cycle path separation

cycle loop path

cycle loop path

SHANE Rattenbury is promising to bring physically separated cycle paths to Canberra.

“Separating cyclists from traffic is one of the best things we can do to help protect cyclists from other traffic, and to encourage less confident cyclists to try riding. We want Canberra to be a city that embraces sustainable and active transport such as cycling and it’s important to continually improve our infrastructure,” said Shane.

“From now until April 2015, four new devices will be trialled at six locations across Canberra where the separation between on-road cyclists and motorists could be improved.

“The new devices mostly provide a subtle but important separation that helps define cyclists’ road space.

They’re useful for retrofitting in areas where more solid separation is difficult.

“Different devices, ranging from tactile line marking to raised mountable kerbing, will be installed to help identify the edge lines of the cycleway and maximise the separation between cyclists and adjacent traffic.”

The four trials are:

  • Athllon Drive, on the approach to Scollay Street – a continuous low profile rubber kerbing will be installed on the approach to the roundabout to discourage traffic from accessing the on-road cycle lane when turning into Scollay Street
  • corner of Pialligo Avenue and Fairbairn Avenue –riley kerbing, a low profile pavement marker with reflectors, will be installed as well as additional reflectors to further enhance the presence of the on-road cycle lane
  • London Circuit between Edinburgh and Constitution Avenue – vibraline (also known as rumble strips) will be installed along both sides of the road to reinforce the presence of the on-road cycle lane and alert drivers who might accidentally veer into the lane with a rumbling noise
  • Vernon Circle between London Circuit and the Parkes Way bridge – vibraline will be installed along both sides of the road
  • corner of Northbourne Avenue and Barton Highway – vibraline will be installed.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the outcome of this trial and the possible rollout of more separation devices to help people of all ages and abilities take advantage of cycling in Canberra,” Shane said.

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