Social event of the week: Embassy of Sweden reception

Photos and words by LYN MILLS

THERE’S a giant gap between discoveries in medical research and the reality of availability. And while every new development is trumpeted in the media with excitement and anticipation, the time between probability and reality is long and meticulous.

HMRI (Hunter Medical Research Institute) director, Prof Michael Nilsson, is Swedish and a friend of the ambassador, Sven-Olof Peterssen, so an “at home” reception at the residence was a welcome for his HMRI team who translate research into real health solutions with global collaborations but a patient-centred approach.

Joining the party, and admitting he’s never sold a car but does know about high-end technologies, was SAAB managing director Dean Rosenfield and his team. They’re about global security and defence. The reality was diplomacy and friendship enhancing business opportunities.

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