Worried about pay parking? Have you considered an electric bicycle?

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Canberra’s Switched On Cycles are suggesting that rather than paying for parking in the parliamentary triangle the nation’s mandarins may prefer gliding electrically to work in their magnificent suits.

“Canberrans can avoid the new parking fees and save money by riding an electric bike, or e-bike, to work. Our e-bikes provide a very cheap transport alternative to cars in Canberra,” said Simone Annis, from Switched on Cycles.

The National Capital Authority recently revealed that paid parking will be introduced in the Parliamentary Triangle at the rate of $11 per day from around the beginning of September. This will have an impact on all car commuters working within the area as about 9,000 car spaces in Acton, Russell, Barton and Parkes will be affected.

“In Australia the majority of people have a commute of less than 10 kilometres one way, a journey quite appropriate for a bike commute. And we already know that Canberra is fabulous for bike riding. With relatively flat terrain, great bike infrastructure and small travelling distances, it makes sense to start thinking of the bikes in terms of transport, not just recreation. An e-bike also takes the work out of longer rides and hilly terrain making longer commutes also possible.

“By purchasing an e-bike, commuters have a low cost journey to work as they’re very cheap to run. They cost around 10 cents per charge with a range of up to 90 kilometres. And with the average e-bike costing $1800, the bike will have paid for itself in just eight months of commuting daily,” Simone continued.

There are four more demo days being held in the Parliamentary Triangle prior to the new paid parking arrangements coming into effect.
Switched on Cycles’ upcoming e-bike demo days are as follows:

  • Thursday 12 June, 11am-2pm on Queen Elizabeth Terrace
  • Wednesday 25 June, 11am-2pm opposite Questacon
  • Wednesday 2 July, 11am-2pm corner of Bligh and Macquarie Streets, Barton
  • Wednesday 16 July, 11am-2pm on Queen Elizabeth Terrace

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