Celebrating 100 years of power in Canberra

power station

ACTEWAGL is preparing to celebrate its 100 birthday tomorrow, marking 100 years from when, on 2 July 1915, the Kingston Power Station was first switched on to provide electricity to Canberra.

“It is a special day for ActewAGL as we celebrate 100 years of local energy,” ActewAGL CEO Michael Costello said.

“The arrival of electricity fuelled significant development and growth. Things we take for granted today, like streetlights and heating, were available for the first time.

“The Power Station with its iconic smoke stack and whistle was Canberra’s first permanent building. This 100 year milestone is significant and makes us one of the oldest local companies.

“ActewAGL is proud of its history, not just for helping to build this city’s vital infrastructure along with its predecessors, but also for contributing greatly to the community. We’ve always been a community-minded company.”

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