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WITH the public now aware of the largesse of the “entitlements” that federal and state politicians enjoy, it was refreshing to see that the ACT Speaker sought advice before converting her overseas business-class airline ticket into two economy-class tickets, so that her husband could accompany her at no extra cost to the ACT taxpayer.

quillI am also interested to see that Mrs Dunne was happy to travel economy. I would assume that this is now the yardstick for all ACT politicians, especially in view of the state of the ACT finances – the debt and deficits, with the addition of the Mr Fluffy costs, the proposed light rail and the new Convention Centre.

Dianne Anderson, Red Hill

Billing goes ‘pear shaped’

I WAS interested in the article “Sally struggles to be heard” (Canberra Confidential, CN, July 30).

After many loyal years of remaining with TransACT, everything for us has gone pear shaped since iiNet took over our telephone service and the subsequent billing for that service.

For the past three months I have been unable to receive one accurate bill from them with my correct billing name, the proper amount to reflect the service received and any recognition that I was and still am entitled to a bundling discount.

I have spent hour after hour and spoken to lots of very pleasant billing people from all over the place, if not the world, without anyone being able to correct the on-going mess.

I get things sorted each month only to discover that the next bill comes with the same inaccuracies and problems as the last one.

Having sorted the July bill, having paid the revised amount, having received a receipt number, having been given a task number to help resolve future problems, having been promised that things are now sorted and back to normal, I have again received a second July bill with the inaccuracies repeated once again.

I have been told that the problems have arisen from the data having been migrated from TransACT to iiNet and that has been used to explain why cancelled and out-of-date services that no longer exist have been re-activated and charged for once again.

Having got to the end of my tether I politely asked a few days ago if I could speak to a supervisor or someone who can resolve the ongoing problems. I was promised a call back when a supervisor “could be found”. That was days ago. I am still waiting to hear from them.

Jim Stoddard, Evatt

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