Letters / It’s all Tony’s fault

RE Robert Macklin’s column (CN, January 29).

quillA woman cyclist gets skittled by a ‘roo while passing The Lodge. Of course that’s PM Tony Abbott’s fault – he’s been raising a mob of roos among The Lodge roses, and sikking ‘em on passing hapless cyclists.

Now what else can we blame him for?

Feral horses – they must be his Clydesdales that got loose and made for the high country last month.

Cold weather in Canberra – of course, the man’s a climate denier, isn’t he?

Overt monarchism, guilty as charged – along with half the rest of the country.

Robert, do be careful, your gallbladder (that’s the part producing all that bile) is working overtime.

Tina Faulk, Swinger Hill

Storm in a thimble

RE Prince Philip’s knighthood and the resultant outcry: Is this the most serious situation facing Australia today?

I think not. Thanks to the hysterical media whipping themselves into a frenzy, it has been elevated to the status of storm in a thimble!

Vincent Mawson, via email

When will our politicians wake up?

WITH a debt of $245 billion, and rising, we may be in the slipstream of Greece – at a time when the cerebral workings of our politicians are failing. When will they wake up?

Those senators frustrating every move to relieve our debt should copy the man who led a small, poor, corrupt country to one of the most successful – Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew.

Regarded as a master strategist, he said he wasn’t bothered how he would be remembered, but in life he always aimed to be correct – not politically correct!

Do-nothing Federal parliamentarians and lotus-land voters will find his perspective on governance particularly penetrating. He said that a successful democratic society requires two things: a constantly interested and vigilant electorate and the ablest, toughest and most dedicated of leaders. Currently, we don’t qualify on either account.

Colliss Parrett, Barton

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