Liberals ask where the speed camera report is?


ALISTAIR COE is asking to see the findings of a $160,000speed camera report that the ACT Labor government seems to have kept secret for months.

“Following a string of problems with ACT Labor’s speed cameras, in March last year the government commissioned the University of New South Wales to conduct an evaluation of the ACT road safety camera program,” Alisatir said.

“Given the report cost $163,924 and was due to be submitted on 28 June 2014, the government should have already make it public. What is ACT Labor hiding here?

“This seems to be another example of ACT Labor’s instinct to hide information from Canberra taxpayers.

“The ACT Labor government’s failure to publish the report suggests that they are concerned about its findings. They should release the report as a matter of public interest,” Mr Coe concluded.


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