Mr Fluffy to inspire film-making

PHOTOACCESS has a unique new project running in conjunction with Woden Community Service and Gen S Stories.

PhotoAccess gallery

PhotoAccess gallery

The project will see ten participants affected by the Mr Fluffy crisis, mostly older home-owners from the Woden area, working with three practising artists in the Manuka Arts Centre over seven weeks to produce their own short films, professionally recording and documenting the homes they love.

Their stories are intended as an important healing opportunity for the participants and their families, but also an opportunity for the Canberra community to reflect on the places we call home.

The films will be launched at a public event in September.


“CityNews” popped in at midday today just as workshop participants were returning from a cuppa.

Gathered around a white board under the watchful eyes of Jenni Savigny from Gen S Stories, group members, now halfway through their 7-week workshop period, had been busy placing their Mr Fluffy experiences in context.

Over many storytelling projects, Savigny says, she has seen how a well-told story can move people into walking in another person’s shoes, however briefly.

A surprise participant was former PhotoAccess director David Chalker, not in attendance because of his connections with the organisation, but because he, it turns out, has also been a victim of Mr Fluffy.

Also on hand at PhotoAccess today was Beth Wurcker from the collaborator in this project, Woden Community Service



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