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Puck the role model for new Canberra Theatre Company

YOU have to wonder about the significance of naming a new theatre company “Honest Puck”, but that’s exactly what the founders of Canberra Academy of Dramatic Art, James and Elizabeth Scott, have now done.

Elizabeth and James Scott
Elizabeth and James Scott

“Honest Puck takes its name from Shakespeare’s famous play, ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’,” says artistic director, James Scott, further explaining, “Puck is a clever elf who weaves his mischievous magic throughout the play, and at the end, asks his audience for both forgiveness and applause…Puck tries to portray himself as ‘honest’ in the final lines of the play – but we all know that’s tongue-in-cheek.”

“Othello” fans will be pleased they didn’t call the new company ‘Honest Iago”.

Taking a leaf out of Puck’s book, the Scotts say, Honest Puck’s mission is “to create profound theatrical experiences for its artists and audiences”.

“The works we produce may be comedic or tragic or both, but whichever genre they fall into, they’ll be substantial works which are meaningful to audiences, and have great roles for actors to sink their teeth into,” James Scott adds.

They believe that after spending several years developing their drama school and training others for professional practice, the company will be a vehicle both for the creative talents of its directors and for their new graduates saying, “We have access to some exceptional talent and now we want to put it to work!”

The new company not government funded, and the intention is that it will be self-sustaining.

“We are aiming to create a company that pays its way,” co-founder and producer of Honest Puck Elizabeth Scott, also a finalist in the ACT Telstra Businesswomen’s Awards in 2013 for her work with the drama school, which now has over 400 students.

Honest Puck’s first production, “Underneath The Lintel”, written by Glen Berger and directed by John Concannon, opens on April 16 at the CADA Theatre in Fyshwick. Watch this space.

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