Rebels converging on Canberra this weekend


ACT Policing have produced an FAQ in relation to this weekend’s meeting of Rebels’ Bikies in Canberra:

  1. Are police aware of such a meet?
    Yes ACT Policing are aware of the meeting and will be dedicating resources to ensure there is strict compliance with all ACT laws and the public are not adversely impacted by those attending this meeting.

  2. How many rebels are expected?
    ACT Policing are expecting 150 to 200 Rebels OMCG members to attend.

  3. What’s the purpose of the meeting?
    The meeting has a similar purpose to that last held in the ACT in March 2015 in that it is predominantly a ‘state meeting’ of NSW based Rebels OMCG members being hosted by the ACT Rebels.

  4. What actions are police taking in response?
    As above, ACT Policing will be dedicating resources, led by Taskforce Nemesis, to ensure those attending this event comply with all ACT laws and do not adversely impact upon the ACT public.

  5. Have anti-consorting laws in other states contributed to the ACT becoming a meeting venue?
    Police have information to suggest the ACT has become an attractive location for the holding of such meetings due to the absence of specific legislation in the ACT preventing the association of persons of the type typically found to be members of outlaw motorcycle gangs. Legislation such as consorting in NSW, has proved to be effective in reducing the occurrence of such events in those states. ACT Policing support the Government’s consideration of legislation that is effective in deterring the holding of these events in the ACT.

  6. When is the meeting scheduled to take place?
    On the evening of Saturday 27 June 2015

  7. What advice do police have for the public?
    The ACT public can be confident that ACT Policing will be making every effort to ensure the presence of an additional 150 OMCG members in the ACT for this short period of time does not cause them inconvenience or otherwise raise cause for concern.

  8. What is Policing’s message to members of the rebels?
    Stay away. The ACT public do not want persons visiting our Territory who believe they are not subject to the same laws that we all have to abide by. Should you choose to visit our Territory know that your behaviour will be closely monitored and there will be no tolerance displayed for anyone failing to respect ACT laws.

  9. Where are the rebels coming from?
    Several Australian states.

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  1. June 27, 2015 at 3:51 pm #

    Actually this is a fund raiser for a down syndrome 23 year old luke ! wanting his own home and independence ! Wow how disgusting for u to assume otherwise ! Shame on u shame shame shame !

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